Automatic Touch Free Soap Dispenser DC900

Automatic Touch Free Soap Dispenser DC900

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Automatic Touch Free Soap Dispenser DC900 is a battery-powered automated soap dispenser. Professional design for reliability and durability. Fully automatic, infrared operated. Just move your hand and it will dispense the soap. Completely hygienic. LED battery indicator. Window design, easy view for a refill. Can accommodate 900ml of soap at a time.

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UNI Automatic Soap Dispenser – DC 900 Auto Soap Dispenser

  • It has a most hand-hygiene dispensing system for the professional institution
  • Besides that, hands are easily cause of cross-contamination.
  • No-touch dispensing
    • Means hygiene and convenience.
  • Furthermore, it features built in infrared sensor
    • Ensures that apply 1.2ml of hand soap is automatically released into the palm of the hand
  • Moreover, it has 2 in 1 concept –
    • This dispenser accepts our proprietary bag in box 600 ml refillable container
  • 3L (Less) –
    • Touch less
    • Germ less
    • Drip less


  • It has professional design for reliability and durability
  • Besides, it has lockable top cover
    • Enhances security
  • Moreover, it has proprietary system
    • Accepts only DC soap/sanitizer gel bag in box refill
  • Battery replacement LED indicator.
    • Usage (green)
    • Battery low power (red)
  • Motion Activated soap dispenser
    • No contact necessary
    • Motion activated infrared
  • Furthermore, it is safe, more hygiene and clean
  • Extra large volume soap bottle (900cc/ml or app 30.0 FL.OZ)
  • Besides that, it has window design
    • Easy view for refill
  • In addition, only 4 AA cells (battery) are required
    • Up to 12,000 portions.
  • Other than that, it is made of Polycarbonate plastic
  • It can be adhesive taped or screwed to the wall


  • Item code – DC900
  • Material – ABS
  • Capacity – 900ml
  • Dimensions – 85mm(W)×130mm(L)×240mm(H)